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We are the team of Aurora Mother Center in Belgrade, Serbia.

Aurora Mother Center

Belgrade, Serbia

Aurora Mother Center (Centar za majke Aurora) is taking the lead in providing the needful for vulnerable families with local and international partners to create a fostering surrounding and an inclusive society.

Dear activist friends,

As you already know, our Center managed to find new premises, and we would not have succeeded without you, our dear friends and colleagues.

After moving to new premises, a new challenge awaited us! The rent of our premises has increased, for the same reason we have to work even harder on the self-sustainability of our Cent. That's why we need you, our friends, activists and collaborators, on whom we can always rely.

Our Eco bags for fruits and vegetables are the perfect gift for the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays!!!
By purchasing a purse, you are donating to the Aurora Center, but also to our women, who worked diligently to make it.

The price of the Eco bag is only 3 euros, and the distribution is as follows: 1 euro for the women who sewed the purse,
1 euro for material,
1 euro for Aurora Center (concept of self-sustainability).

We would also be grateful if you would take part in the promotion of these wonderful Eco Bags, in your Mother Centers, on social networks, at meetings, summits or other gatherings and promotion channels.

We managed to overcome many challenges together, we will succeed in this too!

For orders in Germany contact: For orders in Serbia:

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Founded by Jelena Brkic and her small team in 2016, Aurora Mother Center has been instrumental in bettering the lives of roma mothers in its community…