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Our Projects

Business workshop

Very nice socializing and useful work with our dear friends from Germany and Hungary in our Mother’s Center. I take this opportunity to thank them for all the support, cooperation and hard work in our Center as well as a nice company.

Erasmus+ programme

Starting the fantastic week with our partners from Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia… Erasmus+, Aurora-Mine @SingleParents, @CentarZaMajkePlamen and Union of Maternal Centers. Today a multinational meeting and a common dinner with a tour of Nitra at night, the castle was beautiful. Tomorrow we are learning together in the Kangaroo Maternity Center.

Workshop about child marriage

Mother’s Center “AURORA-MINE” conducted a workshop with young people as part of the project “CHILD MARRIAGE ARE NOT ROMAN TRADITION” supported by the Swiss Government as part of the “ACT – Together for an Active Civil Society” project conducted by Helvetas S wiss Intercorporation in Citizen’s Initiatives.

Professional training with the municipality

The ceremonial awarding of certificates was held today to those who successfully attended various courses and thus trained themselves professionally for various professions in accordance with their interests. The action was carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of Zvezdara in order to achieve greater competitiveness in the labor market as well as to stimulate and encourage self-employment.

This way I wish all our customers good luck and success in finding a new job as well as self-employment.

Effective learning during COVID-19

The Covid- 19 pandemic interrupted our continuous work with elementary school students in the premises of the Aurora-Mine Mother Center, after the relaxation of measures by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, elementary school students resumed effective learning through fun in our rooms. but because nothing can replace the living word in the learning process.

Celebration of the International Mother's Day

The celebration of the International Mother’s Day was announced, or the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the celebration of the international mothers’ days.

We would like to thank Vasa and Jovana who participated in our program as well as our volunteers who prepared great food.